Can I use HTML

My site and blog are generated by software that I code myself. I use it as a playgrond to explore my ideas about writing software, software architecture, technology, etc. Lately I've been exploring as a way to add value to HTML and then to just store the data in HTML instead of say storing it in a database like Cassandra or SQL Server. I know, it's crazy.

So I added a feature to the code that builds this site. Blog authoring is typically done in Markdown. This post is done in HTML. But I had to add the ability to get the meta data about the post from the HTML itself. So I built a Microdata parser, specifically parsing microdata. So, here it is. If you view source, you'll see how the HTML is imbued with a schema that identies it's meta data which the code uses to generate the blog index page with the post title, published date, link, etc.